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Band Pass Filters

We provide solutions for Radio and Television frequency (channel) interference and frequency combining. We supply, install and maintain all types of bandpass filters and combiner.

FM Band Pass filter (FFC3)

This is an FM filter for 87.5 - 108 MHz FM band. Using the industry-leading squarecavity filter design, the filter provides a one-time-buy filtering solution for the broadcaster located at multiple-user site. The filter isolates the transmission system to eliminate spurious emissions. It features Distortion – Free Transmission, Low loss, high isolation and Natural convection.

High Power UHF DTV Filter

This filter uses patented technology to suppress unwanted signals to desirable levels while compensating for drifts in temperature due to RF Heating and ambient changes.

Tunable UHF Filter

The Tunable UHF Filter has six resonators and is designed to meet the latest digital performance

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